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Are you fond of nature & it’s beauty and adventure feeds your craving for travelling? Then pack your bags to admire the most magnificent creation of God present in Iceland. Be prepared to be thrilled with astonishing Panorama and scenery of the place, which will leave you dumbfounded. Iceland turns to be a dreamland and never leaves a chance to amuse you with its delightful enchantress. Iceland, being the treasure of beautiful landscape, had too much to offer like-

  • The dazzling Northern Lights
  • Cold Cosy foggy Nordic winters and snowfall
  • Snowy Ice Caves
  • Drenched geothermal Pools.
  • The Northern Lights

The Dazzling Northern Lights

God has blessed Iceland in abundance when it comes to beauty and terrain. The Northern Lights are not less than a miracle and a heavenly pleasure on Earth. The Northern lights are created by the electrically charged particles entering the Earth’s magnetic field at high atmosphere, and, ionising. Have you ever seen natural dancing lights? If not, visit Iceland and experience the incredible Northern Lights that also gives a view of colourful dancing lights, where the colour typically being green, changes periodically to red, purple, orange and blue.

If you want to be the spectator of this prodigious Northern Lights in Iceland and enjoy it to it’s best, you need patience and luck and the below-mentioned conditions to be met:

  • The best feasible time to witness the aurora borealis is from September to April.
  • There should be full moonlight.(the night should be as dark as possible)
  • Try to avoid light pollution and the artificial lights, to enjoy the dancing lights to its glory.
  • Go for weather forecasting, to check the cloud cover and solar activity, as it could ruin the natural effects of Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis

The time to witness the Northern lights to its glory is from September to April as the days are shortest and the lights are brightest. Aurora borealis embraces you to view the best of it’s beauty in the month of February as it is being the darkest and coldest month.

Iceland, the land which justifies the global beauty in every sense is known for its tourism and the number of people visiting each year. The swelling hills, the flourishing green scenery, volcanos, relaxing hot springs and the frozen glaciers are surely the things that will leave you thunderbolt on your trip to Iceland and something that cannot be missed to visit.

Get Awestruck by Northern Lights

“Everything Iceland has to offer is a factor in the increased tourism” said Brynhildur Sverrisdottir, a travel agent.

According to the latest data from the Icelandic Tourist Board, a total of 2,195,271 tourists visited Iceland in 2017. The tourism rate of People visiting Iceland to admire nature are more as compared to Iceland’s Population.

Is the exhilarating trip yet to be tick marked from your wish-list? If not, it surely has to be Iceland and it’s breathtaking Northern Lights. The Northern lights will definitely leave you dumbfounded on your trip to the Land of Fire & Ice, Iceland.


Mesmerizing Northern Lights

To witness the Northern lights to their glory, you have three alternatives-

  • To chase for them from the town or place you are staying in Iceland.
  • Take a guided tour to enjoy a safe and healthy trip to The Northern Lights.
  • Drive out and search yourself.

The best of the Northern Lights are experienced at the darkest place and at the place where your eyes get adjusted.  The city of Reykjavik is a bit of spread out city with multiple parks, gives you an ample amount of places to enjoy the dancing lights.

The dazzling Northern Lights

Now as you have made your mind to admire the incredible beauty of the Northern Lights, pack your bags to adore the beauty of Iceland from it’s searing volcanoes to its chilled snow-covered panorama. Iceland provides you with all from it’s breathtaking sites to various adventurous activities.

A safe and healthy trip, that encircles within the budget, is a dream for anyone planning for a family trip. Plan a fully guided tour with Sterna Travel to embrace a safe and healthy journey.

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