Sterna Travel tries to minimize the impact of the operation on environment and nature. The manager is responsible for maintaining and reviewing this policy and every employee is responsible to follow the policy and to implement it into their daily activities.


  • Uphold laws and regulations regarding environmental issues and make sure that our employees are conscious on the importance of protecting the environment
  • Sort our waste
  • Minimize use of management- and office supplies, reuse as we can and try to get them as environmental friendly as possible
  • Make sure that the pollution defense mechanisms of the company are according to laws and regulations. This applies to our garage and where the buses are washed, as those are equipped with traps to receive pollutants
  • Minimize the exhaust by avoiding free-running of the buses as possible and by choosing the shortest routes between places with the goal to reduce driven kilometers
  • Only drive along recognized roads and when we need to cross rivers we cross on recognized fords or where the driving will not cause damage
  • Endeavor to use only stops where there are facilities for buses and people
  • Have waste bins in all our buses and encourage our passengers to use them and not leave waste in the nature